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Tulle & Candyfloss



Tulle & Candyfloss is one of my favourite designer makers, I made this work the focus during my FMP last year and I truely admire the attention to detail and texture in her work. This happens to be one of favourite projects that she has worked, called head candy, everything she makes is so beautiful and it reminds me that there is certainly nothing wrong with things being just decorative. 

Other examples of her work are;

Fairground fun, a project she worked on during her foundation degree, as well as obviously the fairground theme other things that inspired her for this are the themes, vintage and distressed. 


She tends to work with a variety of media and techniques such as 

  • disposable film (headdresses)
  • embroidery
  • fabric manipulation 
  • quilting 
  • print 

Also her work has been displayed at the Whitworth Gallery (Caroline for Tactile too)



Question time


1. How did Bloxam get into designer maker?
She started off her postgraduate studies focusing on embroidered textiles, however by the time she had finished she finished she had developed her work into decorative lighting. This seems to have been the key to her success. Through becoming a designer maker she has worked in many different way, not only mass production but also one off pieces sold from her studio as well as conditioned work.

2. How does Bloxam address the relationship between designer maker and context? e.g. designing for service or product?
Despite designing the product herself its more about what her audience think, if the product isn’t aesthetically pleasing no one will buy it. In order for a product to sell it has to fit in and she gets this information from asking buyers what they think could be improved.

3. Where and how does Bloxam sell and promote her work?
Her work is sold and promoted mainly at trade shows, she says that’s more important for a her work than costumer shows because that’s not her audience and therefore she isn’t that well known within the general public. Promoting doesn’t seem to be that important to her either, making contacts and and being seen at shows by the press seems to be her method.

4. What virtues does Bloxam link to designer maker?
She says that’s a lot of hard work, that because most of her products are made by other people she doesn’t get to make so much despite that being what she loves doing. In order to be a designer maker according to Bloxam you need certain attributes such as, being a hard worker, flexibility and self motivation, this seems fitting since she also says that with in being a designer maker are many jobs such as, directing, cleaning, project managing and so on.

Note to self


Today we learnt something extremely important, something I’ve never grasped, something that blows the mind of every Uni student I’ve ever met… Referencing. So, this post is not actually a reflection it’s simply just a quick reminder for myself and anyone else needing help with this subject. 

  • Surname
  • initials of first name 
  • year of publication 
  • title of book (in italics)
  • place of publication (always name of a city/town not just the country) 
  • publisher

A quick example… 

Davies H, 2013, British Fashion Designers, London, Laurence King Publishing LTD

Ostrich Pillow


ImageTalk about thinking out of the box… I really like this product, its so simple but yet rather clever, the way its promoted on their website keeps its young and exciting, but still its a product for everyone, I do think it could be a bit more attractive, I personally would wear one, but I’d defiantly feel silly doing so. Maybe they could improve the brand by enabling costumers to customize their Ostrich pillow and make it their own.



Pleasantly surprised…



My first time in CAD really wasn’t as terrifying as i thought it would be, usually computer related  subjects make me run in the other direction but I can truthfully say I enjoyed the few hours we had! I’m extremely proud of the work I’ve done but if I had to critic it then I wish I had put a but more thought into each line appose to just going in without thinking. However the Wacon tablet is now one of my favorite drawing tools so I’m sure I’ll get a few more opportunities to gain skills with it. As someone who is interested in specializing in print and working with the painting and pattern side of textiles appose to making fabrics. this way of working really appeals to me. In conclusion I cant wait to get back in tomorrow to do my 3rd image and I hope I can find ways to incorporate this way of working into other work soon.

Byram Arcade


A few days ago I took my first trip to the Byram Arcade to see the Origami Cranes they were hanging from the ceiling, 3 of them were mine. It was lovely to see them and the entire Arcade was beautiful filled with original shops, it genially made me feel happy to be living in Huddersfield. 


I’d forgotten how nice it was the be a part of something like that, not only did I enjoy the exhibit but I know it was for a good cause. I would love to be a part of this type of project in the future and if any opportunities like this come up I will be the first to grab it.