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A Merry Chritsmasy Weekend



Festival of lights in Huddersfield was quite exciting, it was lovely to see so many people out and about in the evening, families with young kids as well as us students, I think things like this a great way to bring a community together.



Bright and early on Saturday morning our flat family went on a day trip to one of our friends home city of Lincoln, we went to the biggest Christmas market in England! It took us an entire 4 hours to get round the whole thing, but luck for us we had a experience tour guide, we went up the aptly named “steep hill” with its picturesque boutiques and old sweet shops and then experienced the market to the fullest, there were so many people everywhere but it was worth it. There were craft stalls everywhere, from homemade Christmas decorations to delicately chiseled sculptors! The layout of the market really caught my eye, around every corner there was something different, we even got to meet Santa under some fake snow (fairy liquid foam) The stalls were all sypathetic to the culture or time the products were reflecting, at one point I thought I was Harry Potter walking down Diagon ally!


After the market we took a scenic route to the canal side past the cathedral which was breathtaking! We even got to go inside for what we were told was a carol session, when we finally got in we didn’t expect it to be a real choir! I have to admit I was skeptical at first but it really was amazing to hear.


All in all, I had a great day and I can truly state that Lincoln is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been.


To end our eventful and festive weekend we went back into town to see the most famous truck, probably of all time, I’ll give you a clue…
Holidays are coming… Holidays are coming…


Yes… we cued up in the pouring rain to see the Coca Cola truck hit Huddersfield, because now, it’s no longer just a company that makes a rather tasty fizzy drink, its an Icon and probably the most influential brand of our time, if not ever. It’s everywhere from Coco Chanel to Versace. Cola is one of the most fashionable brands amongst the big time designers. In fact Karl Langerfeld was recently replaced by Jean-Paul Gaultier as creative director.

Coke 3

(Blumarine, Moschino & Etro)


The Sleeping Bag Project


This project is based in Huddersfield and was created by students now in their final years at the University, they started off as a small collaborative group working with a tutor but now after a few years they work has developed and gained a lot more exposure. Recently they’ve spoken at the V&A in London.
The idea behind the project is putting care into an item, every year they go to the aftermath of Leeds festival and collect old sleeping bags left behind, then they wash them at home and stitch into them, giving them a personality, a cosy, warm, fresh feeling. They then give the revitalized sleeping bags to homeless people on the streets and in shelters.
This sentimental gift no only does good for the community and the people who receive them but also the people that make them get to be part of a much bigger picture, they have put there home into that sleeping bag, nurtured it and brought it back to life. The person who goes to sleep in these bags each night will hopefully feel the care and love thats gone into them.



A manifesto is a way of declaring what you intend to do and why, its about stating your beliefs and listing your aims for what you intend achieve from a project.

ImageA manifesto doesn’t have to be right or wrong, it is simply your opinion, for example the Stuckists have a rather long manifesto but here are just a few of their points;

4. Artists who don’t paint aren’t artists.
6. The Stuckist paints pictures because painting pictures is what matters.
17. If it is the conceptualist’s wish to always be clever, then it is the Stuckist’s duty to always be wrong.

I find that manefestos are unusual statements but can often be quite beautiful, thoughtout and exciting. A favourite of mine is by Yves Klein about the Chelsea Hotel in 1961, here’s a quote from it;

That day, as I lay stretched upon the beach of Nice, I began to feel hatred for birds which flew back and forth across my blue, cloudless sky, because they tried to bore holes in my greatest and most beautiful work.
Birds must be eliminated.

I like it because it shows that it doesn’t have to be serious, i can be funny, its a reflection of yourself within your work and can be whatever you want it to be,


Now I’m going to attempt to write my own manifesto;

  1. I hope my work can bring communities together by having something to be proud of as well as getting involved.
  2. Recycling is important to me, i want to be a good role model in the hope that people will follow in my footsteps.
  3. Creativity is also something that means a lot to me, incorporating art with textiles to remind people that the two are so closely intertwined.
  4. Souring materials from local areas to help with the economy and small businesses in the UK.
  5. It would be nice it my work could make a change, weather that be solving world hunger or changing the life of one person.

Yarm Bombing



I’d never heard of this before today, but it seems like a very exciting way of getting some attention! It’s all about making a point or a stand, in some cases showing people the way to a place like a treasure hunt or maybe it’s just to brighten up the place. 
It is a type of graffiti art and can stay up for years, however its not permanent and can be taken down in needed. 

The movement started in the 90’s in America but since has crossed the pond and is becoming more popular in the UK. Knit the City is a project that Lauren O’Farrell started the show people the “stitched story concept” they call it “yarnbombing”