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tag coat

Malcolm Green wears a coat with luggage tags attached to it. People have written personal messages on each tag (Glastonbury)


Graduate Show Review



(Mix of all Grad show work)

After looking around the show at all the amazing work I finally had to pick just 3, the first was one that I really liked called “Tropical Abundance” by Rebecca Horner. It’s something that I would like to create work similar to in the future. What made it stand out were the bright colours and then when I had a closer look the detail in the print and the extremely well done photography and presentation. I feel that although her work was busy and packed in using every inch of space she was given this reflects her work well as keeps the audience looking, it’s not a piece you could just glance over and have seen all that there is too see. I really enjoyed that her main focus was the larger prints on the wall but she also exhibited smaller head scarves on mannequin heads, showing versatility of her product. The only thing I didn’t like was the boxes at the side, I felt they were unnecessary and weren’t as professional looking as the rest of her exhibit


(Rebecca Horner)

She started off how most people would looking at themes and researching then moving onto shape and texture and creating mood boards from these ideas that looked at colour and theme. Then she began to draw more detailed images and eventually put them with colour and then added in texture in a sense bringing it all together. She worked on compositions and putting her images into repeat pattern with CAD. Then the testing started, looking at what materials it printed best on using certain inks and methods like devour. Once she has her mind set on what her pieces would look like she printed them more than a few times on each fabric and chose her best work. But it doesn’t stop there; she then started looking into how it would fit on the body, and did a photo shoot that had its own separate book as well as the best ones mounted on the display. Her research was in the style of a magazine which i found really interesting as it was really professionally done and you could see the links with all her other sketchbooks throughout.


(Rebecca Horner)

Her work is clearly that of a commercial designer in the way that it could easily be taken into any shop as it is, I feel that there wasn’t much depth to the project or at least not that I could see, which isn’t a bad thing, I just couldn’t get a hold of what she was saying, it seemed to me as if she just liked this theme and therefore she creating something beautiful inspired by it. I think she could have explored the culture and historical techniques more to make the way she went about things link to the project. However I really love the work she created and can honestly say if it was in a shop I would defiantly buy it and the way it was presented I hope she will be getting a very high mark because I feel she deserves it.


(Rebecca Horner)

The second set of work I looked at was “If you can draw it you can tuft it” by Adriana Tavares. I looked at this because I had helped for a while during the putting up process that we being first years were asked to help out with, I got the chance to talk to her about her work and so I feel I have a better understanding of it, she was also very helpful and was able to give me some great advice that I can use in the future.


(Adriana Tavares)

Due to the nature of her work (rug tufting) it was spread out with all of her sketchbooks and a few smaller rugs on the floor in the main room and 3 larger rugs hung on the walls leading up to the main room. I think this is good and bad, in one way her work isn’t all together but in another it’s the first thing the audience will see and then they are reminded of it again later in the show, I think with this situation she made the best with what she was given, she really thought out how she should hang her pieces, I know this because I helped, and we decided that putting them in the spaces and order that we did would lead them though the exhibit as one of her spaces was a dark area out of the way we decided to not use that one. I did think the work on the floor was slightly messy and rather contradictive as most of her work was very clean and neatly presented and the rest was out of sketchbooks and placed with no order on the floor around the rugs. I looked a little unfinished and I think she could defiantly have improved that. However it was unconventional and therefore stood out from the rest.


(Adriana Tavares)

When looking through her sketchbook I was amazed at the amount of time and effort she must have put in, there was a sketchbook for everything, although she seems to not be the most creative person displaying their work in the room she defiantly worked to her strong points and those seems to be organisation and planning. Her research stood out the most, she is obviously a person who knew what she was doing from the word go. She looked at tuft artist, child development, craft education. Charity work with children etc.. it was all very structured and in my opinion didn’t represent that her theme was children. Children are meant to be care free and playful and I felt she could have drawn inspiration from this a bit more. However the sketchbooks did communicate the idea in a technical sense and in the same way she couldn’t have possibly missed anything out, she even researched markets, pixilation her images, putting her work in a space and so on.


(Adriana Tavares)

I really did like the final products of this compilation of work, especially the ones on the wall display however I would like to have seen more interaction with children and although she did a lot of work it wasn’t all necessary, I would personally prefer to have seen a lot more creativity.


(Mix of all grad show work)

Finally, I chose one more instillation, “Ephemental Folk” by Holly Picthall. I chose this one because of its original presentation, when I took a closer look I noticed that she had made handmade tags and I really liked that, it shows she has put a lot of care and consideration into making her work the best it can be.


(Holly Picthall)

I really loved that she has gone to exhibitions and documented that which is something I always like to do but didn’t see a lot of in the rest of the final show work, she went to places like the design museum and a Paul Smith exhibition, researched both contemporary and historical artists, both working with paint and fabrics, I get the feeling she comes from a fine art background like myself. She was looking at things other than art like, festivals and dancing. She even kept a diary of events that showed she had looked into all things folk and therefore kept her schedule very organised. She has a website called and keeps up to date with Pintrest and other blogging websites which is documented throughout her array of sketchbooks. One of the sketchbooks she presented was yet again a magazine but done in a very different style to other I’d seen, this one was to show market research which yet again I thought was more fitting than putting something else in a magazine. She had so many sketchbooks of all shapes and sizes, some tiny ones that she had obviously carried around with her making sketches when she saw something inspiring and some larger ones that she had make technical files, my favourites were two medium sized books filled with notes, they were hidden under other books but it showed her real process not just the refined things she would want to assessor to see but every thought she had the whole time she was working on the project. Notes and messy drawings, bits of magazines and postcards, even calculations, I thought this was not only brave but beautiful. Her tech files were all ridiculously professional as were here business cards and everything else that needed to be, unlike some others there was a lot of work there but it was all relevant and showed remarkably well how she began and how her work progressed through the time she was given. But she didn’t show off, she got the perfect balance there, her work is striking and draws people in but she is also modest in the way that she has displayed the rest of her work and I really admire that.


(Holly Picthall)

The way she has gone about researching and presenting her work ties in with the theme which is another trait I admire in a project. She has researching into issues such as the environment and using natural dyes and processes, even her book covers were organic, the way she has used natural dyes on natural fibres makes it even that more authentic as this what would have been done when the folk culture was at its peak.


(Holly Picthall)

As I continued to nosey through her work I fell in love with it even more, despite my first impressions of it not being as exciting as other I’d seen that day, I loved reading through her thought process and her sticky notes left in sketchbooks made it even that more personal, she saved every tiny thing that inspired her and put a personal touch on everyone of her books even down to adding bells to the ties on handmade sketchbooks. I feel like I know this person and I can without a doubt say it was my favourite and I think that she deserves the highest mark for this project.


(Mix of all Grad work)