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“Learn a new technique”


We were given as one our many summer projects a short brief to learn how to do something new, document it and write up how to do it. Over the summer I went to Camden and saw a woman on a stall making scrunchies (i think there is an earlier post about this so I wont go into detail) This was my inspiration for my project. I found a how to manual in Company magazine and taught myself how to do it. Although its quite simple our work will made into a small how to arts and craft book and so I felt this was a fun and in trend subject to do.


I then began making and experimenting with fabrics, elastics and size to create many scrunchies all different in their own way but gradually getting better in quality. These three were my favorites (I personally felt the “large scrunchies Company gave the sizes for were to big) As you can see the ones I made in the end were much more wearable.

10500249_10154524226165078_6815082144135848026_n 10511256_10154524226685078_7319476422185423681_n

A handy tip I learned from the show “This old thing” involving a knitting needle really helped turning my tubes the right way, however after handing it in I came across another trick to do this, of which i don’t have the tools but for anyone hoping to get into the scrunchie business I would recommend…

I put it all together and made my 2 A4 pages interesting to look at and simple to understand with the underlining 90’s trend as a theme and here is the final product;

Capture1 Capture2 final


The 90’s Trend


Over the last few weeks I’ve felt a new trend coming on, the 90’s Trend, I’ve found myself in vintage shops, like Beyond retro, buying over sized denim jackets and bum bags. A friend of mine even told me I looked as if I come straight out of the beloved 90’s sitcom “saved by the bell.” I’m enjoying high waisted everything as well as the mix match of pattern and colour and I hope this summer brings the more 90’s joy, even if that means the contents of our bags are on show to the world through our plastic bubbly backpacks.


While I was in Camden over the weekend I came across a woman who was just as enthusiastic as I am about this new fad were going through. What a way to spend the summer, sat in beautiful sunny Camden making scrunchies knowing that your doing to world a favor by giving every woman or man the chance too boost their pony tail with a funky coloured tube of elasticated fabric.