June Hill ‘Sense and Sensibility’ (2008)


The extract is explaining the idea of provoking a feeling or emotion, weather that be towards your own issue or someone elses, tying to give people some empathy.

The story of the papaer cranes is one that I feel works extreamly well,

“Peace Park at Hiroshima, is the sight of what appears to be hundreds of multi-coloured garlands carefully placed within the Peace Memorial Park. Look closer, and it becomes evident that these garlands are actually thousands upon thousands of hand-folded, paper cranes; strung together with precisely one hundred on each string”

(Hill, The Textile Reader, pp.38-39)

A young girl of just 11, sick from the radiation was determined that if she could fold 1000 paper cranes she would be well again, unfortunately it didn’t work, even with other patients helping out and 1300 cranes made. However it’s not about her pulling through or not, we know we cannot change that outcome by folding some paper. It was about the hope she had and passing that on to others.

Rozanne Hawksley

My work caries in scale from small hand-held pieces to large installations. I use any and all materials but only those that, at the time of working, answer the need to externalise a particular response or group of responses. I seldom start a piece knowing exactly of what it is to be made, other than the initial feel or essence of mind and material. I offer up continuously and the piece grows towards an often unforeseen conclusion. But the feeling, a kind of dread and excitement, has to exist and be kept going, until that conclusion happens and is recognised.”

Her thought process is that if she can bond the meaning of a piece with how she makes it then the meaning is more imbedded in the product.

Jeanette Appleton

Her main interest is that of “nomadic” it’s a way of living without any material possessions, only what you need and gaining that from nature, they get protection from the elements from the cloth they use for temporary homes and clothing. It’s all about connecting with the land.

She indulges in this lifestyle choose herself and says it gives her the freedom to travel, explore and understand different cultures which influence her work. Alike Haksley she also combines meaning with making and her work is more a way of life than it is art, about narrating a story and she is telling her own.


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