Designer maker
a title given to designers who make products in a small batches usually working within a small businesses or independently.

Commercial Designer
Designers who work for brands or large suppliers. They work on trends and their products are made for certain audiences based on what they want.  

Contemporary Practitioner
Usually fine art based, freelance artists, often they have more than one job, lecturing as well as creating products.

Couching stitch
Stitching over yarns that are laid on top of material to fix it down. 

“to bite” bonding dyes to fiber using iron, copper, tin but most commonly salt.

a niche market is usually small (like you might get in a village or small town) where the products are aimed at a small audience focusing on one type of discipline e.g. knitting.

fineness of a fiber (cotton) effected by the weather and growing conditions.

Tactic Knowledge
Known but cannot be told.

Haptic Knowledge
Recognizing objects through touch, understanding or telling something through visual aids.

Personalized, Tailored or custom built.

each person can have a different view, emotions or opinion on a certain thing. 

giving words a sound or giving an object a voice.

passive, not serious. 

needles per inch, the higher the gage the chunkier the machine.

holes for transfer.

Weight in grams of yarn, fineness. 

Wight in grams of 1,000 m, 20 tex means Ikm = 20g

Declaring your aims and what you believe to be true as well as what you intend to achieve.

Craft with activism, doing something/ making a difference with craft. 

A draft of a garment, usually made from calico. 


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